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How to fix direct Query authentication delegation issues with Power Bi Report Server with Edge and Chrome


With the end of the IE support for Power Bi (and in general tbh), companies are scrambling finally to move their users from the legacy browser to modern ones; it was about time if you ask me. However, there’s an edge case where using anything but IE is not as straightforward as it could be; in my case Power Bi RS worked fine for any report in any browser, except with direct query reports...

How to read data from Oracle Database via PowerShell without using ODBC or installing Oracle Client (and import it to SQL Server too)


If you read my previous article on how to configure a Linked server to Oracle , you know that I feel like someone is plotting to keep the topic of how to get our precious data outside of the Oracle ecosystem as obscure as possible out of the oracle circle Fear not! I’m here to get you all the info in order to get data from Oracle Database via Powershell, in a native high-performance way...

How to programmatically read from SQL Server extended events files (*.xel) with PowerShell


I love extended events, and if you’re still using SQL profiler, go feel ashamed and come back only when you’ve stopped using it.Now that you’re familiar with extended events, one of the common destinations for the tracked information are Extended Event Files, where simply put the events are saved to while they happen. *.XEL files are easy to work with in SSMS, just double click...

How to configure a Linked Server to a modern version of Oracle in SQL Server


It definitely was his plan, all along Following an Oracle migration to a new version (19c on AWS RDS), I had to update the related linked server in a SQL Instance, upgrading the Oracle Client to the latest version. Doing so, I’ve come to the conclusion that Oracle purposely makes everything as obscure and overly complicated as possibile, in order to sell support. All the reference articles...

SQL Server Diagnostic Notebook Updated


Good news everyone!As always, I’ve updated the SQL Server Diagnostic Notebook to include the latest updates to the source scripts

No new addition this time around, just updates; but I’m always open to suggestions

The easiest way to access and use it is through the Azure Data Studio Marketplace (or downloading the vsix extension directly from GitHub)

There’s a Bug with Extended Events creation in SQL Server Management Studio 18.7: what it is and a workaround


UPDATE 2: The bug was fixed in SSMS 18.8UPDATE: The bug still isn’t fixed in SSMS 18.7.1 Oh boy, what I found; I haven’t seen anybody else reporting on it, yet, so here I am.Fortunately, the bug is not breaking, as I’ve found a workaround, but still. Repro Open the “New Session…” GUI for extended events in SSMSGive it a name, it’s not importantAdd an...

Presenting @ DataWeekender the SQL Server Diagnostic Book


I’ve bored you with my SQL Server Diagnostic Book for long enough, now I’ll bore even more people @ DataWeekender , where I’m doing a lightening talk about it, showing people what it is and how to install/use it.

You can download the Slides from the slides HereMy latest post on the Diagnostic book is HereHow to Create a Book Extension for ADS Here

The SQL Server Diagnostic Book is now on the Azure Data Studio Marketplace!


Great News Everyone!As detailed in my previous article, you can now create extensions containing SQL (note)books and publish them on the Azure Data Studio Marketplace!How do I know? Because I did it 🧐 How to install it As you see in the gif above, the process is super fast: Be sure to be on Azure Data Studio version 1.22.0 (September 2020) or laterSearch for “SQL Server Diagnostic” in...

How to ship SQL Jupyter Notebooks and Books directly to Azure Data Studio by creating an extension in the Marketplace


The recently released Extension Generator for Azure Data Studio has opened up yet another way to ship Notebooks and Books to ADS allowing you to easily author your extensions. In my previous post I’ve detailed how you can now access a Book remotely, now, if you want the book to be actually installed in your ADS instance, you can install it as an extension! Follow this link for the SQL...

It's just Emanuele showing you what you can do in the Microsoft Data Platform

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