An adventure on SQL Server performance and features


A PowerBI Report for SQL Server Agent Jobs


As my “community service” this month, I’ve worked on this neat (I hope!) PowerBI report (and companion stored procedure) to easily analyze all what you wanted to know about your Agent Jobs execution, but were too afraid to ask to the standard Reports in SSMS. This is part of the FirstRespondersKit¬†toolkit, which I encourage you to check out. Installation: Install the...

Creating a Perfmon and Filestats reports in PowerBI [Part 2]


In this previous post I detailed the structure of the objects to be created to create a live report in PowerBI to analyze Perfmon and Filestats data (which in my case was already being gathered but not used by the FirstRespondersKit tool); Let’s get to the PowerBI stuff. Here is the final result that we’ll reach: I’ll be starting from the existing FirstRespondersKit PowerBI...

Revisiting the classics: Minimizing the Impact of DBCC CHECKDB (by Aaron Bertrand) in 2018


SQL Server has a long history, it has been around since the ’90, more than 20 years have passed, which is a VERY long time as far as the IT world goes; Especially now that Microsoft has stepped up the release schedule for SQL Server (releases are now scheduled yearly) I thought that maybe it’s a good time to go back and revisit the classic articles and recommendations by the Gurus of...

An adventure on SQL Server performance and features

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