It's just Emanuele showing you what you can do in the Microsoft Data Platform


Scan Performance Showdown: INROW Predicate pushdown VS Batch Mode Adaptive Join vs Columnstore indexes


I was reading Paul White’s post about bitmaps in SQL Server and, other than realizing that I basically know nothing about anything (like a Socrate’s epiphany) I wanted to at least see how this good stuff added up in the latest 7 years. Down with experimenting, we’re doing this LIVE! (Well, it’s live for me, for you it’s still a blog post) I’ll start by creating...

Create an asynchronous multithreaded workflow on your SQL Server using the Service Broker


As any other *Server, SQL Server is born with concurrency in mind, a lot of users/applications can connect concurrently and do their job, as designed, perfect, but, what if you’re the only user? What if you’re in some kind of data warehouse configuration where you have to ETL, or you are in a maintenance window and have to do a bunch of stuff in that time, or simply you need to launch...

How to avoid the traps when dealing with parallelism


I work with a vendor application which needs to do all sorts of data crunching in some nightly batches, and, depending on the size of data, this process may take a lot of time. Some time a go a colleague said: “we need more parallelism, we want to parallelize all the things! What can you think may go wrong?” This opened a stream of consciousness that could be really handled only by...

It's just Emanuele showing you what you can do in the Microsoft Data Platform

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