It's just Emanuele showing you what you can do in the Microsoft Data Platform


How to connect Azure Data Factory / Synapse Pipelines to Google BigQuery without losing your sanity over connection tokens


When I talk about knowing the struggles with the Cloud (as I did recently at PASS 2022), I really mean it, and this is one example of it. This is the case of importing data from Google BigQuery to Azure ADLS v2 (but it can be anywhere else really) using Azure Synapse Pipelines (which is really Azure Data Factory in a different workspace); easy enough, the ugly part is always the authorization...

How to fix “Connect Timeout” and/or “Cannot open server xxx requested by the login” when connecting to Azure SQL Managed Instance in redirect mode


Here is something that will save you lots of time and headaches when trying to connect to Azure SQL Managed Instances, especially from onprem servers or from other clouds; I had to repeat this multiple times to multiple actors, so I know it will happen to someone else too. In most cases, “Connect Timeout” and/or “Cannot open server xxx requested by the login; Login failed”...

SQL Notebooks: On the right track to enhance Data Analysis on SQL Server


Since about a couple of versions ago, Azure Data Studio introduced Jupyter Notebooks support for SQL Server (and with SQL Server 2019 “Big Data Clusters” on the horizon, it was about time) What are Notebooks? “Notebooks” are a tool that our data science/machine learning colleagues know, love and are at their disposal since some time (Python, Spark, etc…); A notebook...

How to Show Better Execution Plans in Azure Data Studio


Azure Data Studio is starting to mature and some neat features are coming to the vscode-based (and now multidatabase and multiplatform) tool. We got query plans in the app since some time, but to be frank they’re not very pretty and have some issues with dark themes: Phantom Lines in plans with Dark Theme The new way Phil Scott built the extension for Azure Data Studio, which...

It's just Emanuele showing you what you can do in the Microsoft Data Platform

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